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Proud Member of The American Ceramic Society

Proud Member of The American Ceramic Society

Ceramiseal Clear View

Treated glass showed more than a 32% increase in break strength. (Tests performed: ASTM C1449)

Clearview by Ceramiseal Windshield Protection is an advanced, multi-step, professionally applied system for your new vehicle's windshield.
  • Our cutting edge windshield protection formula combines advanced water repellency with carbon-nanotube technology for increased glass strength and visibility.
  • Our state-of-the-art repellency products help prevent the dirt, grime, and small insects from sticking to the surface of your windshield.
  • Carbon-nanotube technology gives your windshield increased resistance to impact and pressure, in turn limiting damage from everyday driving mishaps.
  • A carbon-nanotube is a unique type of molecule which possesses a tensile strength approximately 100 times greater than steel.

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  • Carbon Nanotube Windshield Appearance Protection fills the microscopic peaks and valleys of glass surface.
  • Capped and Sealed, the bonding substrate enhances surface smoothness.

RESULTS: Glass is smoother and clearer.